Soothing Solutions manufactures products to promote comfort to young children when they are under the weather.

The company focuses on product innovation and offers clever concepts to help solve common problems that parents face when their young children become ill and are seeking to give them relief.

Sinéad (the founder) has worked for over 27 years in both hospital and community pharmacy.
She has witnessed first hand the lack of effective products for children under six years old on offer to help give relief to the irritating and often distressing symptoms of coughs and colds.

As little ones under 6 have immune systems that are still developing, they are susceptible to up to 5 cough and cold viruses per year! That is excluding all the other usual childhood illnesses such as chickenpox, tonsillitis, ear infections and exposure to many more at Montessori, schools and creches….the list goes on.
Parents of young children can do nothing to prevent these illness and when they occur, can only hope to manage the symptoms until their little person is well again.

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Mark Sweetman, ACA

Mark Sweetman, ACA

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