GoProposal – a bootstrapped startup success story (£1m revenue in 3 years)

We were delighted to be joined by James Ashford – Founder of GoProposal, Director of My Accounting Place, Keynote Speaker and also Best-Selling author of “Selling to Serve” – a book about how to price and sell accounting services.

James has been helping thousands of accountancy firms around the world to fundamentally transform their approach to selling. And we use this unique approach in our own firm and it has helped us to deliver more value to our clients, while also taking higher fees.

Data-Driven Pricing: here

Mark Sweetman, ACA

Mark Sweetman, ACA

As a Chartered Accountant I've built my experience working within the SaaS and digital technology industries, growing early-stage businesses from the inside. I help digital entrepreneurs understand their companies and ensure they have all the tools they require to succeed and thrive. I love adopting new tech solutions and making use of these to increase efficiency within our clients' businesses.