How to get social media influencers to be your startup’s champions

Colin Sweetman speaks to Wendy Slattery, COO and founder of BeautyBuddy – a beauty app that allows users to rate beauty products (like TripAdvisor but for hair and makeup products).

“It’s going to be a lot harder, a lot longer, and a lot more rewarding than you think” – this seems to be a recurring theme with startups!

“Our expectation of time [was our biggest mistake]…I believed we would have had a million users by the end of 2018 [18 months from the idea stage]”

Colin Sweetman, ACCA

Colin Sweetman, ACCA

Colin is a chartered certified accountant and founding director of First Accounts and FutureME, as well as a contributor on The Accounting Channel (Breakeven By Breakfast) and "Finance & The Common Good".