Job Retention Scheme 12-month Cash Flow Forecast spreadsheet (includes forecasting for furloughed staff)

Use this downloadable spreadsheet to forecast your business’s cash flow during the 2020 pandemic.

Here’s why:

It deals with

  • Furloughed staff & SSP payments/repayments

  • PAYE liability separated from Net Salaries

  • Business Tax deferrals

  • Receivables/Payables cash in/out (up to 5 weeks)

  • Business Loans/Grants for COVID-19 disruption

  • Forecast a year in advance

  • Toggle between Weekly/Monthly

  • Nice visual graph, with minimum cash balance warning


1) Login/Register to “purchase” and download the Cashflow Forecast (inc COVID19UK)

COVID-19 Cash Flow Forecast (XLSX file)

2) Watch the video explainer here:

COVID-19 Cash Flow Forecast (XLSX file)

Uh-oh. I’m still unsure how this works, help!

 Talk to your accountant – or even better, talk to us!
So there you have it – hopefully knowing how to forecast cash flow during the pandemic is a little more clear and a little less scary to you. Of course, if you are still boggled by it or just want to make sure it is done right, book a free Discovery Call with us today. 
Disclaimer: This guide is for informational purposes only and specific accounting and tax advice should always be obtained where appropriate and specific to your business.
Colin Sweetman, ACCA

Colin Sweetman, ACCA

Colin is a chartered certified accountant and founding director of First Accounts and FutureME, as well as a contributor on The Accounting Channel (Breakeven By Breakfast) and "Finance & The Common Good".