Compliance Health Check (Key Company Dates)


A compliance health check is a scan into your company’s key compliance dates with the aim of seeing what compliance is outstanding and compliance that will need to be done in the future.

We look at your company’s filing history and check the following:

  1. Registration of Beneficial Ownership (whether it is up-to-date)
  2. B1 Annual Returns (Filed and to be filed)
  3. Current NARD (Next Annual Return Date)
  4. Financial Statements Key Dates
  5. Annual General Meeting Dates

With this service, we guarantee:

  • Review your existing compliance processes
  • Diagnose any existing problems
  • Inform you how to solve these problems

Why First Accounts?

We believe that every business should be compliant with the law. This gives confidence to the board of directors and the entire team in the business. This is about being proactive so that your company avoids fines for late filing, the loss of audit exemptions, and credibility in credit checks.

Terms & Conditions apply. Please see below for further details on specific Terms & Conditions in relation to this product.

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The advice that we give can only be as good as the information on which it is based. In so far as that information is provided by you, or by third parties with your permission, your responsibility arises as soon as possible if any circumstances or facts alter, as any alteration may have a significant impact on the advice given. If the circumstances change therefore or your needs alter, advise us of the alteration as soon as possible in writing.


You are responsible for providing us with the information and explanations necessary for the preparation of budgets and forecasts.

You are responsible for checking and agreeing the validity of the assumptions that are used in the preparation of the statements.

The forecasts relate to future events and consequently actual results are likely to differ from the forecasts. We cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage occasioned to any person acting or refraining from acting as a result of any material or report contained in the forecasts.

Our service to you

We will prepare from the information and explanations provided by you, budgets and forecasts for the specified period.

We will discuss with you the assumptions that have been used.

We will not be carrying out any audit work as part of this assignment and accordingly we will not express an opinion on the forecasts.

Income Limit

Companies with more than €250,000 in annual revenue or investment income will be subject to further charges as the volume of work will increase.

Online Service

Our 30 minute advice sessions are only performed online using Zoom or Google Meets. Once you purchase this service you will be invited to select a time and date that suits you and receive a confirmation email and online calendar invitation.

No-Show Policy

If you do not present for the online advice session, no refund is given.

Cancellation / Reschedule

Cancellations or reschedule requests can only be requested with a minimum of 24 hours notice.


Refunds for cancelled sessions will be given if at least 24 hours notice is given (less applicable transaction fees).


Only common accounting advice can be given – if you require detailed advice relating to a specific case, we will recommend research is undertaken and this will have further charges.

Anti-Money Laundering

You will be asked to securely provide proof of identity.

Letter of Engagement

Yes! We provide everyone with a Letter of Engagement for your protection.