Tax Services

Corporation Tax Services

As a business owner you should concentrate on scaling your business and looking after your customers. This will result in profits. Profits attract tax unfortunately, and you need to ensure that you have a first-class compliance system to ensure all responsibilities and obligations have been met.

Corporation tax compliance, which includes a solid tax strategy, is crucial to your success. Our corporation tax specialists are here to support you and your business each step of the way, providing cost effective support and professional advice you can rely on.

We typically offer the following services:

  • Preparation and computation of corporation tax liability
  • Submission of return to Revenue
  • Monitoring and advising on tax liabilities and due dates for payment
  • Advising on close company surcharges and dividend management
  • Advise on how to maximise tax reliefs available
  • R&D tax credit advice
  • Advice on dealing with Revenue Audits
  • Liaising with Revenue on your behalf

VAT / VIES Services

VAT can get very complicated very quickly. Sometimes you need routine compliance and sometimes you need specialist advice. Our VAT team can manage your tax risks and liabilities.

VAT issues and questions and particularly difficult to deal with, making VAT one of the most complex taxes. 

At First Accounts we are experts in VAT legislation in Ireland.

We typically offer the following services:

  • Provide VAT consultations for Irish, EU and Rest of World VAT implications
  • VAT & VAT RTD returns
  • VIES returns
  • VAT registrations
We also offer a host of other time-saving activities:
VAT registration (ROS)
from free
VAT returns
from €45/month
VIES returns
from €10/month

Personal Tax Services

In Ireland, if you are a sole trader/partner or a proprietary director, you must register for self-assessment of income taxes on ROS.

We will prepare your Income Tax Return for the Irish Revenue Commissioners.

The Form 11 will be prepared from the accounts of the business and using the personal details provided by the taxpayer and submitted via ROS.

We also offer a host of other time-saving activities:
Income Tax registration (ROS)
from free
Income Tax return
from €200

Why should I get First Accounts to do my taxes?


No more sleepless nights

Sleep better knowing that all you tax obligations have been taken care of properly.

All in one place

We store all your tax documents securely in one location, ready to be viewed by you digitally from anywhere.

Pay less tax

With your books by us, you will only pay the correct amount of tax.

Review and sign-off

We will never submit a tax return until you have read and signed it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When am I required to register for VAT?

For domestic purposes, you need to register if your revenue exceeds:

  • €35,000 for taxable persons making mail-order or distance sales into the State.
  • €41,000 for persons making acquisitions from other European Union Member States.
  • €75,000 for persons supplying goods.
  • €75,000 for persons supplying both goods and services where 90% or more of the turnover is from the supplies of goods.

If you’re trading in a country where your company is not established, you need to register as soon as you hold stock within an EU country for onward sale to customers. Holding your stock within a country triggers a taxable supply and therefore, a VAT registration.

The other reason you may need a registration is because you have exceeded a distance selling threshold. If you exceed a distance selling threshold within a calendar year, you have to register in that country and begin charging the local VAT rate on sales.

If you are unsure whether you have crossed a distance selling threshold, get in touch.

How often do I need to file a VAT return?

An Irish VAT registered company normally has obligation to submit VAT returns every two months. The due date for the filing of the VAT return together with the associated payment for any VAT due is the 23rd day of the month following the relevant VAT period, e.g. the May/ June 2020 VAT return is due by 23 July 2020.

What fines and penalties are issued for non-compliance?

The following is a list of penalties for VAT

  • failure to register as an accountable person — €4,000
  • failure to charge the VAT and pay VAT over to Revenue — €4,000
  • failure to keep proper books and records — €4,000
  • failure to comply with invoicing requirements — €4,000
  • failure to furnish a quarterly statement of intra-Community supplies (VIES return) to the Revenue Commissioners — €4,000
  • assisting in making incorrect returns, invoices, credit notes — €4,000
  • issue of a VAT invoice by a non-registered person — €4,000
  • unauthorised charge of a flat-rate addition — €4,000
  • willfully obstructing or delaying an officer authorised by the Revenue Commissioners in exercising his or her powers — €4,000
  • preventing or obstructing a person authorised by the Revenue Commissioners to inspect property for the purposes of valuing the property for VAT purposes — €4,000
  • where the failures or acts referred to above are carried out by a body of persons, the secretary of the body is liable for the payment of a separate penalty — €4,000
  • supplying taxable goods and services in contravention of the requirement of security for the protection of the Revenue (Section 109 bond) in respect of each such supply — €4,000.

How difficult is it to calculate and report VAT?

It really depends on your bookkeeping system.

At First Accounts, we have perfected this using Xero cloud accounting software.

You will need to record allowable VAT on purchases (reimbursable VAT) and VAT on sales (collected VAT).

You will also need to track sales of services and goods to the EU (and keep a record of your customer’s EU  VAT number).

What is VAT RTD?

All VAT-registered persons are required to file a Return of Trading Details (RTD) following the end of their accounting period (which is usually aligned to the financial year). The RTD is a statistical return summarising actual sales and purchase figures, the VAT on which was included in the less detailed periodic VAT returns during the accounting period. The return gathers the information through four key questions:

  1. Have you made supplies of goods or services?
  2. Did you acquire any goods or services from the European Union, including Northern Ireland?
  3. Did you purchase goods or services for resale?
  4. Did you purchase goods or services that are not for resale but where VAT paid on them can be claimed as an input credit?

The fields on the return are completed using the net sales or purchase figures at the various VAT rates applicable to the relevant transactions. For example, the net total sales of goods and services supplied for question 1 would be broken down into the various VAT rate categories (9%, 13.5%, 23%, etc.) and included in the return based on the total for each rate.

What is a VIES return for?

A VIES (VAT information exchange system) is a return outlining details of overseas supplies made by VAT-registered businesses. All Irish VAT-registered businesses providing services to customers in other EU member states must submit VIES returns where the customer is a business customer (such supplies are referred to as ‘business-to-business’ (‘B2B’) supplies).

What is VAT MOSS?

VAT Mini One Stop Shop (VAT MOSS) is a way of paying VAT on supplies of certain digital services if either: you are an Irish business who makes supplies to consumers in EU member states, your business is based outside the Republic of Ireland and EU and you make supplies to the Republic of Ireland or EU consumers.

For instance, if you sell digital goods/services to Italy, you will need to collect VAT at the Italian standard rate and report this to Revenue. Revenue will then pass this VAT on to the Italian Revenue services.

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6 September, 2021

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I’m a small business owner and I’ve been working with First Accounts for a year now. I’m very happy about the service I’m getting; it’s very personalised and professional. I recommended them to several friends as well. Thank you!

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Awesome Experience

We’ve had an awesome experience with FirstAccounts. Organised, professional, and just great people to deal with. Things are done fast, and you can chat and plan times and dates and everything happens just as discussed. Highly recommended by all of us here at SquareFish 🙂

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23 July, 2021

Very professional and good price

Very professional and good price been using first accounts for more than a year now and they are always very fast to respond and accommodating