The Importance of Finding Users Before Building an MVP allows musicians to deliver their music to top A&R, managers, and promoters and get discovered by their sound. Andrson is FREE for 2020—right now all features are unlocked!

Join me in discussion with founder Zach Miller-Frankel from Andrson as we talk about B2B and B2C strategies, normalising marketing channels and the importance of knowing your target audience early on in your business.

“We thought it was perfect, being first-time tech founders but shockingly it wasn’t! But we took that time to redevelop, do more interviews, build out functionalities. When we relaunched in June, the only thing we did was exhale very very deeply.”

Andrson is the solution to the music industry’s largest problem—digital A&R. Our A&R platform uses predictive analytics and audio AI to link unsigned, unmonetized talent with music industry professionals.

So whether a music exec is looking for a guitarist who riffs like Eddie or a singer who belts like Arianna, Andrson saves time, frustration, and resources in the search for undiscovered artists.

About the Company

  • 0:13 What is Andrson?
  • 0:43 How did the idea come about?
  • 1:35 How long before you had an MVP?
  • 2:12 What did the MVP look like?
  • 2:44 When were you able to start paying yourself?
  • 3:29 Did you or the other founders have businesses before this?
  • 3:56 When was your launch and what did you do for it?
  • 4:50 What channels did you successfully/unsuccessfuly use to find your audience?
  • 6:52 How many users do you have now?


  • 7:10 What is your Revenue model and why are you using it?
  • 8:09 Did you seek out finance or did investors find you?
  • 9:14 How much capital have you received to date?
  • 9:30 What did you do to prepare for investors? What did they want?
  • 10:15 How much is it costing to run the platform?
  • 10:27 Do you use Bots to automate your platform?


  • 10:55 What’s your startup dream team?
  • 11:52 How do you deal with feature requests?
  • 12:31 How do you deal with distractions?
  • 13:02 What are your favourite KPIs for measuring financial success?
  • 13:29 What are your favourite KPIs for measuring non-financial success?
Colin Sweetman, ACCA

Colin Sweetman, ACCA

Colin is a chartered certified accountant and founding director of First Accounts and FutureME, as well as a contributor on The Accounting Channel (Breakeven By Breakfast) and "Finance & The Common Good".