When do I need to register for tax?


1) Companies & Company Directors:

If you’ve recently set up a company there are a few dates you should be aware of as a new company director. You are now responsible for ensuring that your company remains compliant with both tax and company law.

These are the 8 key filing dates that you should be aware of over the 2 years following incorporation:

  • Corporation Tax registration – 4 weeks
  • Registration of Beneficial Ownership – within 5 months, and anytime there is a change in SH
  • B1 Annual Returns – within 6 months, and 28 days
  • VAT registration – once you sell more than a certain amount within a 12-month rolling period
  • Employer Tax registration – 9 days after you employ your first staff member
  • Corporation Tax return – 8 months and 23 days after your year end. Prelim tax needs to be paid by 23 Nov for CY.
  • Director Tax return – 31 October each year, for the prior year.
  • Financial Statements – with each B1 Annual return, so max 18 months and 28 days


2) Sole Traders/Partnerships:

You must register for tax with Revenue once you start selling. Registering online (eRegistration) is the fastest, cheapest and most efficient way of registering for tax. If you submit a paper application when you should have submitted an online application, it will not be processed. The paper copy will be returned to you with an instruction to complete the registration process through ROS.

The same rules apply to sole trades and partnerships for VAT and Employer taxes.

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