Company Secretarial Services

Annual/Once-Off Services

As a business owner you worry. You need to ensure your business is compliant with the Company Law. Fines and penalties can run into the thousands. It can also lead to reputational damage, or worse, sink your business altogether (company strike-off).

At First Accounts we will ensure you and your business are always compliant with Company Law. Our Compliance Team has a wealth of expertise. We also only use the best technology available to file returns with the CRO.

We can quickly form a company for you, ensure the annual returns are completed, prepare and file the financial statements, and other CoSec services as required.

Nominee Company Secretary

Every company incorporating in Ireland is required to have a Company Secretary. This is a requirement of the Companies Registration Office (CRO) in Ireland and they need to be registered upon the creation of your company. If there is only 1 director in the company, they cannot serve as the Company Secretary at the same time.

First Accounts has specifically created a body corporate to act as Nominee Company Secretary to provide clients with an efficient low-cost service. Our Nominee Company Secretary service includes the countersigning of your company’s incorporation documents and annual returns. For the signing of other documents, the fee is €20 per signature. 

Registered & Virtual Office Services

Every company incorporating in Ireland is required to have a Registered Office within the country. This is a requirement of the Companies Registration Office (CRO) in Ireland and the Registered Office address needs to be provided upon the creation of your company. This address is where official documents are served and where people have the right to visit to inspect documents and to make deliveries by hand. As a result, the CRO will not accept PO Box numbers as a registered address.

If you have a residence or offices in Ireland, then you can use one of those as your registered address. If you don’t have a residence or office in Ireland, or you just don’t want to use them as your registered address, then you can use our Virtual Office services. Small businesses often use these services when the directors are from outside of Ireland.

First Accounts offers use of their office as your Registered Address and Virtual Business Address and the following optional extras are available:

  1. Registered Business Address — You can use the provider’s address as your company’s registered address to incorporate your company and for correspondence with the Irish Revenue Commissioners and your business generally.
  2. Post — the provider accepts your mail and either holds it for collection or sends it on to you. Often, there are additional charges from the provider for posting your mail.
  3. Optional Extras — This will include such things as:
    1. Telephone and fax answering/redirecting
    2. Use of meeting rooms at the provider’s premises

Why do I need company secretarial services?


No need to have a physical office

We can provide you with a virtual office space where you can receive important mail from and be forwarded onto an address of your choosing.

We can be your company secretary

First Accounts has specifically created a body corporate to act as Nominee Company Secretary to provide clients with an efficient low-cost service.

Never miss a letter from CRO

We’ll ensure that all your important post is either open and responded to or forwarded onto an address of your choice, ensuring that you stay compliant.

No more sleepless nights

You can sleep well knowing that all the important boring stuff that comes with being a company director is being organised so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Company Secretary do?

It is a legal requirement of every company in Ireland to have a Company Secretary. The Company Secretary is an officer of the company and one of their primary roles is corporate governance. They provide advice to members of the board and ensure the company remains legally compliant. They also ensure the administration of the company is run smoothly.

Why do I need a Registered Office Address?

The registered office of a company is that to which CRO correspondence and all formal legal notices addressed to the company will be sent. The registered office can be anywhere in the State.

The address must be a physical location, not just a post office box number, because people have the right to visit the company’s registered office to inspect certain registers and documents and to deliver documents by hand. A letter addressed to the company at its registered office address must be capable of being delivered by An Post.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is part of the growing flexible workspace industry that provides businesses with a combination of services, from space and/or technology, to postal redirects, without those businesses bearing the capital expenses of owning or leasing a traditional office.

What is a B1 Annual Return?

An annual return (Form B1) is an electronic document setting out certain prescribed company information which is required to be delivered by an Irish company, whether trading or not, to the CRO.

What Clients Say about First Accounts

Kataryna Aleshnikova


6 September, 2021

Thank you!

I’m a small business owner and I’ve been working with First Accounts for a year now. I’m very happy about the service I’m getting; it’s very personalised and professional. I recommended them to several friends as well. Thank you!

Phil Teare


28 July, 2021

Awesome Experience

We’ve had an awesome experience with FirstAccounts. Organised, professional, and just great people to deal with. Things are done fast, and you can chat and plan times and dates and everything happens just as discussed. Highly recommended by all of us here at SquareFish 🙂

Dylan Walsh


23 July, 2021

Very professional and good price

Very professional and good price been using first accounts for more than a year now and they are always very fast to respond and accommodating